Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday morning

Argenta Arts Festival.
We looked around cool paintings and wind chimes and jewelry.  I took a lot of business cards for a time when I maybe have more money.  Evelyn enjoyed the kids' activities.

We went to the farmers market!

Not pictured: strawberries, the semi-wilted kale I got for free, and the tea pots that Evelyn and I bought for $5 at a garage sale where people asked if she was the baby who had a tree fall on her house.  Surprise!  Evelyn didn't know a tree had fallen on her house when she was a baby, but she was busy looking at rings and maybe didn't hear.  Somebody gave her one for free and she put it on her index finger and walked around with her fist out, like the ring was leading her.

She's eating lasagna and I'm going to spend her naptime doing laundry and looking up ways to sew an octopus.  She saw one in a booth and thought she needed one.  She's been interested in octopus stuffed animals for a while now.  I think I could crochet one, but only a sewn one is good enough for her.  She's all about the sewing these days.  She even made this pillow for me last night! 

We used a leg off some pajama pants, and I assisted with threading the needle and tying knots.  Still, she sat still for a long time to make this and she's picked out the fabric for an octopus.  I'll see what I can do.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

My face

I went back to wearing contact lenses.  I've got glasses for my off-days, and I'm still not certain how well this is going to work out now that I apparently have an astigmatism in my right eye and Evelyn went to the appointment with me and I was trying to tell the doctor which image was clearer while Evelyn was announcing "Hey, hey.  I wanted to tell you somethin'.  My mom put away the dollhouse I made with my Lincoln logs last night and I wasn't done with them." and I'm not sure he heard me (although he did explain that sometimes we have to pick up toys).  Still, it's pretty exciting to not having something on my face or falling off my face or having my vision distorted because I wanted to pull back my hair and my glasses got pulled along with it.

I do feel weird about my face being so...nekkid, though.

I'd forgotten that one of the major reasons I started wearing glasses, apart from glasses being cute and my personality being well-suited to severe-looking frames, was so that I could cover up my face.  I didn't have a super compelling reason that I wanted to cover my face, other than I just kind of felt like it.  And now my face is just kind of out there for the first time in 5 or 6 years.  I always forget my face is as angular as it is, and how I look without make-up even though I usually don't wear it on days I'm not at work. 

And I forget that I have a severe-looking face.  Or at least that's how it looks to me.  Most pictures of me these days are taken by Evelyn and I tend to smile at her a lot.  Who couldn't help but smile at her?

Anyway, that's what happened today.  Cody had to work in the morning, so I took the day off and had my eyes checked and then Evelyn and I went by Sara's office and met her lovely candy-sharing co-workers.  It was a beautiful day to drive around and look at all the greenery and blue skies and wispy clouds.  I feel like I have some kind of superpower now that my peripheral vision is back, and I'm almost looking forward to seeing how dirty our shower curtain liner is as I take a shower and know what exactly is going on with my surroundings for the first time in a while. Almost.

So. I had made a conscious decision a while ago to start blogging more about my thoughts or things that were happening in my life as opposed to some pictures of what we'd done with a saccharine-feeling summary, and this is one of my attempts.  Hi!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dishcloth of the Week: Dishcloth #20

Ta da!!

Pattern: #20 from Big Book of Dishcloths
Hook: H
Yarn: Scraps

It's just double crochet stitches, which makes it ideal for a beginner.  Or a bored crocheter looking to burn through some variegated yarn.  The colors look nice with such a plain crocheted fabric and I like the dark blue border that I tend to use to edge so many of my dishcloths.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Short people with button noses

Last weekend we went down to southeast Arkansas to celebrate my great-grandmother's 100th birthday.  We ate a lot of catfish, took a lot of pictures, and did a lot of catching up.  All the little clone cousins ran around and climbed things (and fell off things) and the weather cooperated.  Mooney seemed happy to see people.

Evelyn had my camera for a while.

We attempted a few generational pictures.

This is just Grandmother's kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.  Approximately 15 people are missing!  There are a lot of us, obviously.

It was a nice gathering of 100 years' worth of short people with button noses and cute babies.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dishcloth of the week: Simple, Plain Garter Stitch

This is the dishcloth I made for Sara when she hosted Easter at her house. 

I also included this garter stitch bunny because she likes Easter decorations and I had made one for Evelyn, so I figured it would be cute if they had matching presents.

I'm not sure I ever uploaded Easter pictures here.

I've been kind of busy and, frankly, just felt like being away from the computer.  It's fun to not compose sentences in my head, and to do just about anything other than look at a computer screen after looking at a computer screen all day.

But things are good.  I'll eventually get around to posts about last week's family reunion or how I think Nickelback is the perfect country and western band.  But for now I'm knitting and crocheting through every last yard of my cotton yarn and I'm making a million dishcloths. 

Fine, it's not really a million.  But I am up to 20 since some time last week.

Anyway, this particular dishcloth:

Simple, Plain Dishcloth pattern from Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting.
Yarn: maybe half a skein of Sugar 'n Cream in the bright green and some scraps of the pink
Needle: #7

I've made this several times, and usually play around with the number of stitches I cast on.  I think this time it was 35.  I don't get super concerned about gauge since Sara just uses them for decoration, so I was more concerned with colors.  She liked it, and I like it.